The focus of the Institute is the human, social and educational development.

With its activities and its collection of toys, with over 5 thousand catalogued pieces from diverse regions in Brazil, the Brinquedo Vivo institute strives to provide playful and cultural experiences that are essential for adolescents and children, as well as for adults, bringing families together.


The use of handmade toys made of recycled materials bears the intention of making society rethink its consuming and discarding habits, leading to a more conscientious, participative and socially responsible relationship with the environment we inhabit.

That the Brinquedo Vivo Institute achieves partnerships with organizations such as the UN and UNICEF, with a recognition that it made a difference in the world through playfulness, highlighting its therapeutic aspect, essential to society, as well as incentivizing craftsmanship.

Roberto Avritchir | Founder and President

Children Medical Radiologist, born in São Paulo in 1961. From an early age enjoyed walking in the city center, Viaduto do Chá, Catedral da Sé, Liberdade, talking and interacting with people. Especially with musicians, street clowns and other revelers always available to share their stories.

Early on, I collected key chains, boxes of phosphorus and was in love with my tractor-tricycle that I rode through the streets of the Campos Elíseos district.

I was a Boy Scout for many years always traveling on vacation and of course, always bringing a reminder: Yoyo, bilboquês, carts, mane-luscious and other toys.


After 'child grew', every trip to Brazil and the world, new stories of revelers and craftsmen, always accompanied by their work, are incorporated into the NGO's acquis.



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